Offers a New Way to Showcase Indonesian Art of Photography

Like any other thing, technology too has some advantages and disadvantages.

The Internet, in a way, is very beneficial, but this too can be used for any act of forgery. Oscar Motuloh, in a press conference that took place in Menteng of Central Jakarta on 22nd, said that there are many people who do not think twice before using other’s photographs as their own even without seeking any permission from the owners.

However, to put a stop to this problem, Oscar Motuloh along with his friends, John Suryaatmadja, Fanny Octavianus and Jay Subyakto, who are all photographers too, contacted Gunawan Widjaya and Howard Brawidjaja, the duo who are experts in digital printing besides being photography lovers. It is their combined idea that is going to be executed soon through the launching of the website known as

People will be able to buy the authentic photographs of the Indonesian artists legally.  Howard Brawidjaja thinks that the talented and professional artists deserve recognition and appreciation for their outstanding performances.

Once the website is prepared, the works of the four photographers will be available and viewers can browse through the pictures and select the ones they wish to purchase.  Buyers will be provided with authentic certificates along with matching frames and the prints of the photographs. In a way, the purchasers of the photographs can say that they are the proud owner of the original picture. The website will offer consultation services both offline and online.