Hamster snaps and dancing lemur gets Comedy Wildlife Awards

Paul Joynson-Hicks, a noted wildlife photographer, set up the awards to display the animals’ lighter side.

There are times when animals do the funniest things. Now, there is actually a photography competition devoted solely to that idea.
Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards’ top honors went to the photograph of greedy hamster, seen in mid-air as it scrambles towards the lens. Over 1500 photographers from fifty-two nations submitted their most artistic and entertaining snaps of all animals of all sizes.
In all, forty-five finalists made the list with winning photographer Julian Rad (Austria) showing faultless comic timing with his photo of the little red hamster. Julian was declared as the winner of the quirky competition at a special ceremony at the Corbett Place Bar, London, UK, earlier on Wednesday.

Paul Joynson-Hicks, who was the founder of the contest, also was a judge with all the stunning images. The United Kingdom born man, who now lives in Tanzania, introduced contest because of his for the lighter side of animals.
He stated that Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards fêted the animals wildlife experiences allow us to be exposed to, while playing an important role in raising awareness for the Born Free Foundation which aims to save lives, stop suffering and protect species in the wild. The note of the contest was: “The competition brief was ‘seeing the funny side of the majestic creatures we love to photograph and protect.”