East Grinstead photographer gets 2nd spot

A photographer from East Grinstead has snatched a prize in a contest to look for the best wildlife snapshots in Sussex. Cavalier Way’s Glenn Alford stood 2nd in the Sussex Wildlife Trust’s Photo Competition 2015 with his stunning snaps of a mouse in a hazel tree.

Pulborough’s Emma Varley won the first prize following a public vote as well as a 100 cash prize for her snaps of a timeless midwinter setting. When announcing the winners, the judges said that Glenn came second by a whisker.

Like most award winning photography, Glenn stated that the way he clicked his award winning picture was by staying at the right place at the right time. He added that he had been visiting the home of his parents on a sunny Sunday afternoon to take some photos of the butterflies which tends to fill the garden at that time of year.

He was just on his way down the garden path to go home when he clicked caught something moving in the hazel tree and spotted this little cheeky mouse desperately in an attempt to get to the last of the hazel nuts the squirrels were not able to reach. He hold his camera and clicked this snap at the right moment the mouse realized that he was pointing a 400mm lens at him, it froze for a split second and shot off, hence the surprised look on its face.

As his prize, Glenn got a set of 4 Yacht Charter Company Mugs from Sussex Wildlife Trust’s online shop. And in spite his snapshot giving the feeling of being a seasoned photographer, he has just been clicking snaps for a relatively short amount of time – a little over a year now.