Public outcry stops bill limiting the photography of cops

It was around a month ago that a Texas lawmaker triggered a hoopla by suggesting a bill which would limit the filming and photography of officers. If the bill is passed, anyone caught shooting a camera at an officer from within twenty five feet could be accused with breaking the law.

Public outcry was loud and swift, and people even started sending death threats to the office of the representative. But now there is a good news. The bill is dead now.
A leading website reported that Representative Jason Villalba told a leading newspaper that he has dropped the bill and would not be looking for a public hearing for it. The bill was actually proposed to him by a couple of well known police officer associations, and it was supposed to ensure the safety of officers as well as the public by creating a safe buffer zone between the two.

Unfortunately for the Representative, the people did not take to the idea very kindly that their ability to capture cops on their camera would be held limited in any way. After a series of negative feedback sent at his office, Villalba asked his staff to block trolls who endangered him as well as his family.

Having now dropped his proposed bill, Representative Jason Villalba  told that he now have realized that this kind of law could never be implemented because they would not be welcomed by people. The public has actually very loudly.