Somerset Wildlife Trust’s photography courses

Somerset Wildlife Trust is working on 2 brand new weekend photography classes which would dig into the landscapes and wildlife of Mendip Hills and Avalon Marshes, taking in few of the finest nature reserves of the trust.

The Beginning Wildlife Photography is all set to go on from in April and continue till June, followed by Next Steps in Wildlife Photography that will take place in May and August. Both these courses would be guided by trustee Tim Saunders and they are based on a top course which has been extended by David Plummer Photography via other wildlife trusts for over 5 years.

According to reports, Tim told that his philosophy is more than simple – it’s the wildlife that comes first. To get a magnificent snapshot, while minimizing the disturbance to nature, needs top skill, patience and knowledge. If one could bring the patience, he believe that, together, they could develop the skill as well as knowledge one needs to make a few real magnificent wildlife snaps. If there is anyone who is looking for a point and shoot and then move on experience, then, he believes, this is not for them.

The Beginning Wildlife Photography is made for beginners and for those who look for a better agreement of how to utilize their equipment, scheduled for 11th and 12th April and 20th and 21st June. On the other hand, Next Steps in Wildlife Photography is made for all those who have been a part of the earlier course and want to make their competence as well as confidence as nature photographers, scheduled for 16th and 17th May and 8th and 9th August.