New East Aurora art gallery all set to start operation on Friday

East Aurora, which is already a place for gallery-hoppers and art lovers, would welcome yet another art place to their vibrant visual arts place earlier on Friday.

Neil and Barbara Chur Family Gallery put up in the loft of the power house on Roycroft Campus, will arrange a reception at 6 pm on Friday for a photo exhibit by Melanie Chimento.

The show called Buffalo Underground: This is WNY! is a visual docu feature of the splendor, history and natural assets of the region. It came that in part, from Chimento’s creation of Buffalo Underground meet-up band, an open forum where the Western New Yorkers bond regarding their divided up love of the area’s natural and built environment.

In a statement, Chimento said that he is proud of his city’s past and passionate regarding its future. Through his photography, he captures the uniqueness and beauty of a great region. The exhibit will stay open till 3rd April.

Lytro, the startup which introduced an advanced light field camera to consumers 3 years earlier, this itself apparently altering focus. According to reports, workers at Lytro got both bad and good news today. Another US$ 50 million had been raised – this is the good. That an important chunk of Lytro’s workforce would be cut that estimated at up to fifty of the hundred and thirty persons on staff.