Travel photographer expecting to click

A photographer from Mayo earlier swapped the US west coast for her native Ireland is expecting to unfold people’s eyes to their charms and character. Michelle McCarron, a professional based in Westport, came back to Ireland in the year 2012 following seventeen years staying in San Francisco working in film and photo.

Now sharing her time between Ireland and London, she has decided to start Aperture West, a photography workshop for serious amateurs, beginners and hobbyists to come to Ireland’s west coast and brush up their skills.

With business mate Kevin Kerr, a photographer based in New York, the 1st workshops would begin this summer. Michelle McCarron’s work had earlier featured at San Francisco Irish Film Festival as well as in the Guardian Weekend.

He told that they met in the year 1998 while they both lived in San Francisco and through a shared national heritage and love of photography the idea for Aperture West was born. Now, they have come together to make a vision which they feel very passionate about.

It was in California streets as well as in the mountains of Sierra Nevada when McCarron’s love for photography blossomed for the very first time. She added that she is very passionate about the wilderness, people and exploration and the need to conserve it. Aperture West, the first workshop of its kind on the west coast, aims to bring photographers together from across the globe to enjoy the diversity of the landscape and culture.