British Journal of Photography launches app

Smaretphones are playing a huge role these days in photography. It also suggests how we look at photographs these days. The British Journal of Photography is starting a new publication named FLTR, which devotes only on smartphone photography. As smartphones has turned into one of the best ways consume media. This new application is just available on iPhone only. The publication terms itself as ‘the world’s first smartphone photography magazine, published weekly and designed exclusively for the iPhone.’

The magazine added that the best camera is the one which is always with you, and smartphone’s popularity has made photography an obsession for all. FLTR is the very 1st magazine to explore this universal and new language of photography, offering an unparalleled source of inspiration as well as technical know­-how.

The application free for download, but each weekly issue would cost 99 cents each week or $20 for the year. With most things going social, snaps tagged with #FLTR in social networking sites like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook may just get selected and get published in the publication.

The FLTR is made by the award winning team of the British Journal of Photography, which is longest running photography magazine in the world. FLTR gives exclusive interviews of both pro and amateur photographers who have been successful with their smartphones photography.