ZSL 2013 Animal Photography winners

The Zoological Society of London has revealed the winning snaps from photography contest. A small leaf cutter ant showing its herculean power while carrying a huge load; a magnificent snap of a turtle sailing through Red Sea are two of those the captivating photographs judged by Zoological Society of London to best exemplify the wonders of animal kingdom.

The selection of commended and winning snaps is only a preview of the stunning snaps submitted in the 2013 Zoological Society of London Animal Photography Prize. The snaps will be exhibited at the ZSL London Zoo starting from 20th September, Friday.

After that amazing success of the very first contest previous year, the Zoological Society of London Animal Photography Prize was launched in February 2013 to inspire amateur and professional photographers to get out and click the magic of nature. Operated by the international animal conservation charity ZSL, the winners of the contest were selected by a distinguished judges’ panel including ZSL Honorary Conservation Fellow as well as well known environmentalist David Bellamy and TV presenter Kate Humble.

Vaclav Krpelik, whose appreciated snap The Slowest Sprinter shows a turtle in Red Sea, told that he met this big species while free diving in the Abu Dabbab bay. It came out of nowhere, eating the sea grass and coming right at him. This snap captures the moment when the turtle settled to come to the sea surface. He added that he was honored to have his picture on display at ZSL London Zoo and through this contest he would like to draw attention to this amazing creature.