John Marriott speaks about his lynx photograph

John Marriott had magnificent experience in this winter. Brandon Brown, another wildlife photographer, sent a text message to John Marriott inĀ  March when he saw a mother lynx along with her kitten near Lake Louise.

John told that they ended up following the mother mother and her kitten for an incredible 6 and a half hours through waist deep ice to the point of their complete and utter exhaustion. He almost threw up many times from the exertion needed to walk through the ice but he was unwilling to give up. He and Brandon got some absolutely magnificent images.

Even for a pro photographer like John, whose snaps have appeared in top publications such as Outdoor Photography Canada and National Geographic, it was really an extraordinary day. But he is just not the one attempting to get that elusive snap of a wolf, lynx, or a grizzly bear in the national park, whether it is for making money or bragging rights.

There is more and more contest for photos these days that has even started the debate on whether nature photographers are turning into more like wildlife paparazzi photographer. John Marriott, who has already published many books with his snaps, told that this is really a concern.

He told that there is just so many people getting into it now; it is so accessible. 20 years ago, when he picked up a camera and he would go out on the Bow Valley Parkway, there were times he would drive around all day and he would never see another car.