Fujifilm starts X-Series club

Recently, Fujifilm has launched a new photographer’s club in UAE which will offer a stage to sharpen photography skills with their monthly activities. This club concept was brought in for the company’s social media page across social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Fans thought that they require this kind of platform.

The club had promised that the members could take part in different activities starting from photography workshops to community events to enjoyable experiments with Fujifilm’s -Series models.

‘7 Avatars of UAE’, which is the very first activity of the club, will take the members to all the 7 Emirates in the next 7 months. Every month, the members would go to a different country where they would be able to hold some regional essence. Each trip would take members to an array of architecture, heritage, culture, the sea, the desert as well as other notable places.

Fujifilm Electronics Imaging Division’s general manager Keitaro So told that the X-Series is a special range from the company. It is made with groundbreaking technology as well as embodied in a traditional chassis. He added that the club has been formed to educate and involve their buyers and more than that it is a token of their appreciation to great response of people. The club is a way of engaging photographers and offering a good platform to sharpen their skills.

The company is quite confident that the club members will relish a good experience and also enjoy capturing moments with their fellow photographers.