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  1. NatashaOfficialChann says:

    aw. that jealousy smells even harder now. n that is a long jealous description of u. y u spent all day reply to us? denying ur a ******* jealous? u have no life.. someone have no life. lalalala~ XD

  2. lilporter223 says:

    Shedid it

  3. GogagolathHG says:

    As for you young lady seriously? You always let someone defend you , you fucking coward.

    Stand up for yourself and maybe you’ll get some damn respect for once.

    Respect will not come to the door for you , you got to show who’s boss and fuck up those haters. And maybe then i’ll respect you but in the meantime I will try to
    be you’re worst enemy yet.

  4. GogagolathHG says:

    Sir or madam you have fed the troll. I have won you have lost fuckass.
    I do have a life and apparently I am good at it. Also why would I be jealous of a
    small cinnamon challenge ,seriously? You’re obviously trying to exploit me
    as much as you can to give a bad name to people instead of ones that should really should be put down like her.

    You humans dissapoint me so.

  5. cutecrumpet says:

    Nice hair …………………… XD jk

  6. NatashaOfficialChann says:

    y u should be a haters? if you dont like her then what r the fuck are u doing here? watching the person u hate? . actually ur just being jealous. get a life buddy

  7. GogagolathHG says:

    Nope still the worse thing in the universe.
    It measures about 30 yottameters in the retard scale.

  8. Mr420ways says:

    and i like going down on girls…i betcha my comment getts a smiley first!!! lol

  9. happytripper02 says:

    I’m sorry girl… but the cinnamon challenge is to be done with a TABLESPOON… with that amount of cinnamon even a 6 years old could do it

  10. ClassicCartoonsGuy says:

    They did this on Mythbusters. Two out of three mythbusters FAILED at this, so Megan is totally awesome for making it through. 🙂

  11. the01010101 says:


  12. VanillaEggroll says:


  13. AceSpectr says:

    You probably are the first girl to finish it pretty sweet

  14. abbylovesharrystyles says:

    omg how does she do thatttt!!

  15. RomeoPrRealNigga says:

    i bet it was really spicy ass hell too … i cant do that lol

  16. liamoconn says:

    the thing i’m really suprized about is the fact that she has friends…

  17. mop10000 says:

    I Can Beat It With A Big Spoon (:

  18. alexandriah moustach says:

    i can beat it too 🙂 quite the acomplishment right!?!

  19. Alivia Anderson says:

    I meant good job

  20. Alivia Anderson says:

    Go job

  21. sierragragg says:

    Not a tablespoon

  22. Rainclaw321 says:

    No proof, your argument is invalid. INSERT ANOTHER QUARTER AND TRY AGAIN.

  23. WikkitJuggalo says:

    what this slut is doing for click……srsly….get breasts and do porn…….maybe better then oO

  24. CenaxKikia says:

    Fake. Not cinnamon

  25. XRYFIN says:

    Megan… You would be the one to swallow something distasteful and be able to keep it down… That a girl