King of Spain Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia will not arrange any public or private celebrations for their Golden Marriage anniversary, reported the royal court, in a development which seems to confirm an disaffection in the relationship.

When they famed their Silver Marriage anniversary on 14th May, 1987, they arranged a huge reception at their palace with 25 other couples throughout the country who wed on that same date. The golden marriage celebration falls on Monday, but there will no celebration to mark that day.

By not celebrating their marriage, they have ignited speculation regarding the state of their marriage. There were doubts when Juan Carlos hurt his hip when he was on a visit to Botswana for an elephant hunting safari. Later it was known that the Queen only paid a brief visit to see him.  Royal commentators suggest that it is really breakdown for their married life. A commentator, Antonio Zarzalejos (of <a href=””>Wedding Photographer Stockport</a> magazine) said that the failure of his marriage to Queen, from whom the king is practically separated, is a public knowledge.

The roaming eye of the king of Spain is one of his ill-kept secrets. His relationship with a glamorous blonde who is 28 years younger than him, made the headlines. Rumors suggest that they had intimate relationship and reportedly that woman accompanied him to his trip to Botswana.  Recently, the king has tried to distance himself from a scandal in which his son-in-law is one of the accused. He has also been abdicated regarding is hunting trip as it highlighted the line between the Spaniard and the royal family.