Check Out These Videos – VIRAL VIDEO VAULT SUCKS!!!

Video Rating: 3 / 5


  1. rockemsockemredneck says:

    Hey fat ass, both you and your girlfriend would look great with a wad of my cum on your faces.

    Let me know if you’re down to suck my dick faggot.

  2. coleisaphosphate says:

    You used to aim for 1000 likes on the HemiJeep19 channel
    It’s sad to see what the hate has done
    On your HemiJeep19 channel, I would suggest going back to skits

  3. rockius86 says:

    I’m going to go ahead and agree with the title of this “video”

    Honestly, come up with an original idea what most people are sick of and why you get mass thumbs down is because you guys are plain and boring (not trying to be mean just being real) not to mention it doesn’t help when your childish girl friend at the end a video goes, ” I don’t care what you guys think of me”

    well I speak for a good amount when we say then GTFO of youtube and the net and stop crying with passive aggressive BS.

  4. abcdefh1992 says:

    @allthelostones I shot it down because it was retarded. Plain and simple. I mean if you had the ability to process logic in the first place, you’d realize why what you said was so stupid. Seriously, read your comment over again and tell me that you aren’t dumb. Go ahead. Just try it.

  5. allthelostones says:

    @abcdefh1992 Okay if you wont fix your problem then just shut up… Someone gives you a solution and you shoot it down. Honestly quick being a baby…

  6. abcdefh1992 says:

    @allthelostones LOL! You dunce. You mean to tell me that from now on, I should look at the username of every single video I’m about to click on jut to make sure that this douche didn’t post it? Think next time.

  7. allthelostones says:

    @abcdefh1992 if i dont like someone’s videos that much then yes i would look for user names… Get over yourself…

  8. abcdefh1992 says:

    @allthelostones *Facepalm*

    So you mean to tell me that you look at every username when you click on a video. Oh and by the way, I don’t “watch the video”. As soon as I realise that it was posted by this scumbag I immediately turn it off. But by that point, he already made money. Once again, fuck him.

    And I’m surprised that he’s not getting as much shit for HIS Japanese earthquake video (that they deleted) as that soul dead cunt Lifeinatent is.

  9. allthelostones says:

    @abcdefh1992 Look at who made the video and not watch it… Not that hard.

  10. abcdefh1992 says:

    @allthelostones How can I not watch them when I don’t realize that it’s them until it’s too late?

  11. allthelostones says:

    @abcdefh1992 Because i like that they give me ideas for videos sometimes. I also like their dedication to their channel. Honestly if you dont like them dont watch them….

  12. allthelostones says:

    @ViralVideoVault Your always welcome!

  13. abcdefh1992 says:

    @allthelostones How the fuck are they awesome? They give no insight. They don’t even tell jokes. All they do is put fake thumbnails and make a 30 seconds video so they can put their ads all over it and make money. Most people who watch them are tricked into it and thats why they receive mostly thumbs down and negative comments. Fuck these guys. What can you possibly see in the to deem them “awesome”?

  14. VehementOgre says:

    That bit about the thumbs up is bull crap. He wants you thumbs it up or like so that whoever is subscribed to you sees it.

  15. braejthompson says:

    I’m thumbing up for the title

  16. amgwashere says:

    I disliked the video cause you guys suck

  17. yoza1313 says:

    meh im sticking with the title

  18. spidermonkey1993 says:

    Didn’t know you were on ANOTHER channel?! lol! Subscribed!

  19. Miikkeldk says:

    thumb hore biatch!

  20. ThePHATPHUC says:

    your a bad liar

  21. MrKeight says:

    That mole on the side of yoru face, yea thats nasty.

  22. TisNave says:

    It’s not because you don’t show the videos, it’s because your commentary is lame, your trying to be like RWJ (who sucks anyways), quality is awful, might as well just make this a blog.

  23. deathschuck says:

    u r a fag

  24. TheWizzyGuy says:


  25. RobotTimewarp says:

    WTF theres….theres…..theres FEMALE CHUBBY CHASERS?