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World Press Photo set a new code of ethics

Today, the World Press Photo announced top changes to its well known photo competition for the year 2016. Now, there is a brand new code of ethics, the 1st time the sixty-year-old competition has published this type of thing, and they also revised rules as well as detailed guidance for entries.

East Grinstead photographer gets 2nd spot

A photographer from East Grinstead has snatched a prize in a contest to look for the best wildlife snapshots in Sussex. Cavalier Way’s Glenn Alford stood 2nd in the Sussex Wildlife Trust’s Photo Competition 2015 with his stunning snaps of a mouse in a hazel tree. Pulborough’s Emma Varley won the first prize following a […]

Park Street Camera Club’s ‘very best of the best’ members awarded

The Park Street Camera Club handed the very best of the best members in an awards ceremony. The very best of the clubs campaigns throughout the year were constituted into the highest scoring snaps from all members. Paul Michell, the most experienced, who has been awarded his Fellowship to Royal Society recently for a unique […]

New book carries art photography of 2013 Durham Bulls

Recently, a group of artists has released a program which looks at Durham Bulls through a camera. It is quite different from what a traditional journalists would see it. The book named Bull City Summer: A Season at the Ballpark is a 216 page chronicle that deals with the 2013 season of the Bulls. It […]

Travel photographer expecting to click

A photographer from Mayo earlier swapped the US west coast for her native Ireland is expecting to unfold people’s eyes to their charms and character. Michelle McCarron, a professional based in Westport, came back to Ireland in the year 2012 following seventeen years staying in San Francisco working in film and photo. Now sharing her […]

British Journal of Photography launches app

Smaretphones are playing a huge role these days in photography. It also suggests how we look at photographs these days. The British Journal of Photography is starting a new publication named FLTR, which devotes only on smartphone photography. As smartphones has turned into one of the best ways consume media. This new application is just […]

ZSL 2013 Animal Photography winners

The Zoological Society of London has revealed the winning snaps from photography contest. A small leaf cutter ant showing its herculean power while carrying a huge load; a magnificent snap of a turtle sailing through Red Sea are two of those the captivating photographs judged by Zoological Society of London to best exemplify the wonders […]

Paul Johnsgard speaks about his new book

In spite his several visits to Yellowstone National Park, well known naturalist and ornithologist Paul Johnsgard has never spotted a wild wolf there. He personally did not take pictures of the gray wolf with piercing yellow eyes which graces the cover of his newest book – “Yellowstone Wildlife: Ecology and Natural History of the Greater […]

John Marriott speaks about his lynx photograph

John Marriott had magnificent experience in this winter. Brandon Brown, another wildlife photographer, sent a text message to John Marriott in  March when he saw a mother lynx along with her kitten near Lake Louise. John told that they ended up following the mother mother and her kitten for an incredible 6 and a half […]

Storm models starts photography exhibit

Storm’s top models will now appear in a new photography showcase that will open on 18th April, Wednesday till 2nd May at fashion company Joseph’s Westbourne Grove shop. Taken By Storm will have the top agency’s star models, starting from Kate Moss to Cindy Crawford to Cara Delevingne. Sarah Doukas, the founder of Storm, told […]