Travel photographer expecting to click

A photographer from Mayo earlier swapped the US west coast for her native Ireland is expecting to unfold people’s eyes to their charms and character. Michelle McCarron, a professional based in Westport, came back to Ireland in the year 2012 following seventeen years staying in San Francisco working in film and photo.

Now sharing her time between Ireland and London, she has decided to start Aperture West, a photography workshop for serious amateurs, beginners and hobbyists to come to Ireland’s west coast and brush up their skills.

With business mate Kevin Kerr, a photographer based in New York, the 1st workshops would begin this summer. Michelle McCarron’s work had earlier featured at San Francisco Irish Film Festival as well as in the Guardian Weekend.

He told that they met in the year 1998 while they both lived in San Francisco and through a shared national heritage and love of photography the idea for Aperture West was born. Now, they have come together to make a vision which they feel very passionate about.

It was in California streets as well as in the mountains of Sierra Nevada when McCarron’s love for photography blossomed for the very first time. She added that she is very passionate about the wilderness, people and exploration and the need to conserve it. Aperture West, the first workshop of its kind on the west coast, aims to bring photographers together from across the globe to enjoy the diversity of the landscape and culture.

British Journal of Photography launches app

Smaretphones are playing a huge role these days in photography. It also suggests how we look at photographs these days. The British Journal of Photography is starting a new publication named FLTR, which devotes only on smartphone photography. As smartphones has turned into one of the best ways consume media. This new application is just available on iPhone only. The publication terms itself as ‘the world’s first smartphone photography magazine, published weekly and designed exclusively for the iPhone.’

The magazine added that the best camera is the one which is always with you, and smartphone’s popularity has made photography an obsession for all. FLTR is the very 1st magazine to explore this universal and new language of photography, offering an unparalleled source of inspiration as well as technical know­-how.

The application free for download, but each weekly issue would cost 99 cents each week or $20 for the year. With most things going social, snaps tagged with #FLTR in social networking sites like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook may just get selected and get published in the publication.

The FLTR is made by the award winning team of the British Journal of Photography, which is longest running photography magazine in the world. FLTR gives exclusive interviews of both pro and amateur photographers who have been successful with their smartphones photography.

ZSL 2013 Animal Photography winners

The Zoological Society of London has revealed the winning snaps from photography contest. A small leaf cutter ant showing its herculean power while carrying a huge load; a magnificent snap of a turtle sailing through Red Sea are two of those the captivating photographs judged by Zoological Society of London to best exemplify the wonders of animal kingdom.

The selection of commended and winning snaps is only a preview of the stunning snaps submitted in the 2013 Zoological Society of London Animal Photography Prize. The snaps will be exhibited at the ZSL London Zoo starting from 20th September, Friday.

After that amazing success of the very first contest previous year, the Zoological Society of London Animal Photography Prize was launched in February 2013 to inspire amateur and professional photographers to get out and click the magic of nature. Operated by the international animal conservation charity ZSL, the winners of the contest were selected by a distinguished judges’ panel including ZSL Honorary Conservation Fellow as well as well known environmentalist David Bellamy and TV presenter Kate Humble.

Vaclav Krpelik, whose appreciated snap The Slowest Sprinter shows a turtle in Red Sea, told that he met this big species while free diving in the Abu Dabbab bay. It came out of nowhere, eating the sea grass and coming right at him. This snap captures the moment when the turtle settled to come to the sea surface. He added that he was honored to have his picture on display at ZSL London Zoo and through this contest he would like to draw attention to this amazing creature.

Paul Johnsgard speaks about his new book

In spite his several visits to Yellowstone National Park, well known naturalist and ornithologist Paul Johnsgard has never spotted a wild wolf there. He personally did not take pictures of the gray wolf with piercing yellow eyes which graces the cover of his newest book – “Yellowstone Wildlife: Ecology and Natural History of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.”

However, Paul largely kindled the love in Thomas Mangelsen, the world renowned wildlife photographer who took the photograph. Paul Johnsgard started collaborating with Thomas Mangelsen on the book 3 years ago, which was a tough labor which involved winnowing down over hundred Mangelsen photographs to select fewer than fifty.

Most of the seventy-thousand words Paul Johnsgard included in the new book are based on the observations made by him when working at Jackson Hole Biological Station during summers of 1975-76. He stated on those with recent visits and by recording changes in Yellowstone Grand Teton area over the past forty years.

The time includes the crushing wildfire of the year 1988 that scorched around 1.2 million acres; i.e. thirty six percent of the park and the wolves re-introduction in the year 1995, a controversial decision whose reverberation still are felt today. The soft bound book carries images of wolves, cougars, bison, elk, coyotes and grizzlies; along with bald eagles, sage grouse, ravens, trumpeter swans, ospreys, western tanagers and several other birds.

Speaking of his 60th book and the very first coffee table book, it is geared toward the visitor and not the scientist. The collaborators of the book begun almost almost thirty year old friendship while Thomas was a grad student.

John Marriott speaks about his lynx photograph

John Marriott had magnificent experience in this winter. Brandon Brown, another wildlife photographer, sent a text message to John Marriott in  March when he saw a mother lynx along with her kitten near Lake Louise.

John told that they ended up following the mother mother and her kitten for an incredible 6 and a half hours through waist deep ice to the point of their complete and utter exhaustion. He almost threw up many times from the exertion needed to walk through the ice but he was unwilling to give up. He and Brandon got some absolutely magnificent images.

Even for a pro photographer like John, whose snaps have appeared in top publications such as Outdoor Photography Canada and National Geographic, it was really an extraordinary day. But he is just not the one attempting to get that elusive snap of a wolf, lynx, or a grizzly bear in the national park, whether it is for making money or bragging rights.

There is more and more contest for photos these days that has even started the debate on whether nature photographers are turning into more like wildlife paparazzi photographer. John Marriott, who has already published many books with his snaps, told that this is really a concern.

He told that there is just so many people getting into it now; it is so accessible. 20 years ago, when he picked up a camera and he would go out on the Bow Valley Parkway, there were times he would drive around all day and he would never see another car.

Storm models starts photography exhibit

Storm’s top models will now appear in a new photography showcase that will open on 18th April, Wednesday till 2nd May at fashion company Joseph’s Westbourne Grove shop. Taken By Storm will have the top agency’s star models, starting from Kate Moss to Cindy Crawford to Cara Delevingne.

Sarah Doukas, the founder of Storm, told that the exhibit encapsulates the big diversity of the incredible talent they work with. She added that she has always been drawn to people who has got something to tell, people who are creative or who has something different that makes them very special.

The exhibit will feature picturez by Centrefold founder Andrew G Hobbs as well as Venetia Scott and Matt Irwin. According to reports, Doukas told that they have worked with Andrew G Hobbs in the past, he is a visionary. The exhibit features new pictures of talent from the Storm Artists division. They wanted to mark the occasion in a grand way which paid tribute to the brilliant people they worked with.

Doukas also has plans to take the list of clients in different directions in the future, along with a renewed concentration on TV, film as well as digital media. Doukas credits all the success of Storm to a mixture of her own personal enthusiasm as well as her team. She told that she personally wake up each morning and could not wait to go to work.